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Gakuen Alice Icons

Here's a batch of my new icons. I've started watching the anime Gakuen Alice a few days ago and I love it! :D Here's a few icons of it!


Ouran Host Club Icons!

A bunch of new icons! WOOT! And some of them are even animated! 
I love how the 'dirty thoughts??' came out! :D

 When I saw this picture my mind jumped to the title Mr Mushroom. I really think it quite fits. :P
 That's Ranka in the main piccie and Tamaki being scared of him in the little piccie. lol.
 Just a simple Haruhi animated icon.
 This is when Ranka realizes that Tamaki probably likes Haruhi and that Haruhi probably likes Tamaki.
 I love this one.
 This one is my favourite in this batch. I imagined it like that and it came out even better! It's like there's dark and then 
                                  a spotlight appears and Tamaki and Haruhi are there.
 Just a simple animation. ^^ I loved that scene.
This time it's a short entry. ^^ With just one icon... ^^ll Sorry about that. Anyway, I hope you like it!

Anime Banners!

Yay! In the last few days I've made a few anime banners! AND I LOVE THEM!


I've also realized that my hair are long enough for a nice Usagi Tsukino hairstyle (meaning the meatballs) :P Well... they look more like the meatballs she had when she was a baby, but still. :P


Ouran Host Club Icons!

Okay, it's just a few icons, but I do like how they came out. Enjoy as much as I do making them! Ž

Tamaki 001  

Animes I've Watched...

Heh, I'm a sucker for Animes and Mangas and their OSTs. I decided to make a list of all animes that I've watched. There are surely some that I've completelly forgotten about, so I'll edit the entry with them if... when I remember their titles. I'll also try to make a review for some of them. I've never done a review before, so... yeah. Anyway, here's the list.


- the ones that I've watched all episodes of
A - I own the Anime DVDs
B - I own the ArtBook
M - the ones that I also own the manga of
OST - the ones I also own the soundtrack of
CRIMSON - my favourites

  1. Aishiteruze Baby - C, M, OST 
  2. Annette
  3. Angelic Layer - M
  4. Card Captor Sakura - C, OST, M, A, B
  5. Candy Candy
  6. Chobits - M
  7. Fushigi Yuugi - C, OST, M, A, B
  8. Ouran High School Host Club - OST, C, M, A
  9. D.N.Angel - C, A 
  10. Wedding Peach - OST, A, C 
  11. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - C, OST, M, A, B
  12. Dragon Ball
  13. Dragon Ball Z
  14. Inuyasha - OST, M, C, A, B
  15. Marmalade Boy - C, M, A, B
  16. Full Moon Wo Sagashite - OST, M, C, A, B
  17. Fruits Basket - OST, C, M, A, B
  18. Captain Tsubasa J
  19. Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia)
  20. Lady Georgie
  21. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  22. Ranma 1/2
  23. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - OST, C
  24. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure - OST
  25. Kiss Me, Licia
  26. Heidi, the Girl from Alps
  27. Digimon
  28. Cutey Honey
  29. Super GALS
  30. The Kickers
  31. One Piece
  32. Mila Superstar
  33. Kodomo no Omocha - OST, M
  34. Pokemon
  35. Monster Rancher
  36. Magical DoReMi
  37. Tokyo Mew Mew - C, NEW, A, B 
  38. Victorian Romance Emma 2005 - A, C
  39. Detective Conan
  40. Princess Mononoke - OST, C 
  41. Around the World With Willy Fog
  42. Dr. Slump
  43. Calimero
  44. Beyblade
  45. Beyblade V-Force
  46. Alvin and the Chipmunks
  47. Cat's Eye
  48. Hamtaro
  49. Robin Hood's Big Adventures (Robin Hood o Daiboken)
  50. First Kiss Story - C
  51. The Little Princess Sarah
  52. Eine Fröliche Familie
  53. Maya, the Bee
  54. Megaman: NT Warrior
  55. La Seine no Hoshi (Nadine, Stern der Seine)
  56. Power Stone
  57. Sophie & Virginie
  58. Zenki
  59. Transformers
  60. Little Women
  61. Little Viking Vickie
  62. Fantazoo
  63. Naruto
  64. Scrapped Princess - C, OST, A 
  65. Peach Girl - C, A
  66. Pretear - C, OST, A
  67. Weiss Kreuz
  68. Sailor Moon - OST, C, M, A
  69. Gravitation - A, C, OST, M (volume 1-4 only)
  70. Prince of Tennis -
  71. Ayashi no Ceres - C, M
  72. Oh! My Goddess -
  73. Ai Yori Aoshi - C
  74. Princess Tutu - C, A
  75. Rurouni Kenshin - M
  76. Paradise Kiss - M
  77. Escaflowne, M

EDIT: I've decided to make a new list for Animes I've watched so, wait for a new version of it. Should be updated soon.


New Community!

I've made a new community for the fans of Barbara Cartland. Hope you all like it!

Quidditch Match!

Yeah! Finally! It's the Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. I can't believe the pace of it. I'm even on the first-string as a replacement chaser and I have no idea what to do, but I'll still do my best. Even though I'm pretty nervous about it. But anyway, stop talking about this now, or you'll never be calm. ^___^

the Da Vinci's Code

Okay, I'm directly back from the movies where I watched the movie the Da Vinci's Code. I loved it. The music was wonderful, all the actors did a wonderful job, even the woman who played Sophie Neveu. Even though they left a lot out of the movie, it was still a wonderful movie.

I particularilly liked the part that I'm going to write in a spoiler.

All in all, I really liked the movie.